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You wouldn’t believe the trouble Anita and I had getting back to Indiana from Arizona! Our flight left Phoenix on schedule, but we had a one hour layover in Dallas. Storms were so severe over Dallas that they closed the airport and were not receiving flights. They diverted us to Oklahoma City where we sat on the runway for two hours. Finally they reopened the Dallas airport and we were able to proceed to that airport.

By then our flight back to Fort Wayne had been cancelled due to the storms and they had to put us up overnight in a hotel. Due to a lightning strike in Dallas the equipment used to unload luggage was out of service and our checked baggage was not accessible. So we had to wash out our underwear in the sink. Five hours later we had to get up to catch another flight out to Fort Wayne.

Life is full of interesting twists and turns. Some are good, like the really nice Embassy Suites room with breakfast buffet the airport arranged for us; and some are bad, like the flight fiasco I just described. But we’ve learned to trust God in all things. What’s the latest fiasco you’ve experienced and what good thing came out of it?

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