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Two weeks ago our son, Adam, got married to Layna Houser. It was a great ceremony and not much went wrong. But, it is the unplanned that makes the memories.

Our four year old grandson, Reuben, got a little confused with his words. He couldn’t say, “tuxedo,” and kept saying “Texas” instead. “I’m wearing my Texas”, he was heard saying.

Reuben was the ring bearer. However, my wife hid the pillow with the fake rings so it wouldn’t get lost, and no one thought to ask her where the pillow was. So, Reuben had to walk in without the pillow. So he held the hands of Nathan, the best man, and Isaac Houser, the bride’s brother. Half-way through the ceremony he began to do the “potty dance” and asked them both to help him, to which they both said, “Not now.”

After squirming for awhile, his eyes got real big and he ran down to his parents sitting in the third row. “I pee-peed in my Texas”, he reported. Now that’s a memory for the books.

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