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Remember the old hymn that says, “I once was blind, but now I see”? Have I ever told about the time I was blind? I was about 12 or so and was working on a project in the back yard. I was using a can of spray paint and it was clogged. I had seen my Dad clear out a clog before, so I felt confident in my ability. I took the plunger off and stuck a paperclip down in the hole. Nothing happened, so I took a closer look. Bad idea!

It was a can of white paint and the moment I looked down it let go. I spray painted my eyeballs white. I immediately panicked. I could see nothing. So I called my little sister over and told her to lead me to the bathroom, where I began flushing my eyes with cold water. My sister then got Mom. As Mom stepped into the doorway of the bathroom, I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see again! That’s when Mom burst out laughing. She had no mercy on my miserable soul. She just laughed at me. Dad got a pretty good kick out of it, too, but he just told me how to clean the paint off my face and hair: with gasoline. My face turned from white to red.

I learned a pretty good lesson that day. What lesson does that story remind you of?

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