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People wait all year long for the county fair. Then, when it finally gets here, it rains all week! Kids that want to socialize, play the games and ride the rides either stay home or get soaked. The horse and pony competitions get stuck in the mud. What possible plan could God have for all this rain just as harvest season opens?

Perhaps the rain will drive people into the Industrial Tent where they will pass by the ‘Free Prayer’ booth and God will deal with their hearts. One person walked past and then stopped, looking back at the booth. “Can we pray with you about something?” asked the attendant. “No,” he replied as he walked on, “but I’ll be back.” We can only wonder what was going on in his mind at that point.

Another guy announced himself as an atheist and proceeded to debunk our idea of answered prayer. But he handed his business card to the attendant. I wonder what he thought the prayer booth attendant was going to do with that card?

Continue to pray this week as we see God’s still small voice speak to people where they are.

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