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Back in the days before electric clocks and batteries, clocks were powered by a swinging pendulum and mainspring. Evangelist Dwight L. Moody told the following story about Lady Pendulum:

“When Mr. [Ira] Sankey and I were in London a lady who attended our meetings was brought into the house in her carriage, being unable to walk. At first she was very skeptical; but one day she said to the servant, “Take me into the inquiry room.”

After I had talked with her a good while about her soul, she said, “But you will go back to America, and it will be all over.” “Oh, no,” said I, “It is going to last forever.”

I couldn’t make her believe it. I don’t know how many times  talked with her. At last I used the fable of the pendulum in the clock. The pendulum figured up the thousands of times it would have to tick, and got discouraged, and was going to give up. Then it thought, “It is only a tick at a time,” and went on. So it is in the Christian life – only one step at a time.

That helped this lady very much. She began to see that if she could trust in God for a supply of grace for only one day, she could go right on in the same way from day to day. As soon as she saw this, she came out quite decided. But she never could get done talking about that pendulum. The servants called her Lady Pendulum. She had a pendulum put up in her room to remind her of the illustration, and when I went away from London she gave me a clock – I’ve got it in my house still.”

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