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The driver of the hearse foolishly tried to warm himself on a rainy Saturday morning by drinking on the job. He didn’t get warm, but he did get lost on the way to the cemetery. The funeral procession waited in vain at the grave for hours. Later that evening, police found the driver asleep in the hearse by the side of the road. By then it was too late for burial, and the cemetery wouldn’t accept the casket on Sunday.

On Monday, the local newspaper reported tha the body of the 62-year old man “was finally laid to rest – 2 days late for his final appointment.”

Actually, his final appointment was kept right on time. His tardy burial in no way altered the fact that his conscious soul had passed into eternity precisely at God’s appointed time.

We learn two lessons from the story. #1 That hearse driver probably has another job today. #2 We’d better stay ready because we will not be late for our final appointment with God.

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