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Our daughter and her family from Nashville, Tennessee are spending the week with us. Our 7-year old granddaughter is always pushing the envelope to see what she can get away with with grandma and grandpa. Tuesday evening Anita was watering her plants, with Lauren watching her. Anita was adding a little Miracle-Gro Plant Food to the water and had a carefully measured amount sitting in a measuring cup.

Lauren noticed the blue plant food and thought it was blue sprinkles used for cookies or cake decoration, so when grandma wasn’t looking she grabbed a pinch full and put it in her mouth. It didn’t take long for her to ask, “What is that?” and took off for the bathroom.

I asked her later how that tasted, and she replied, “Salty, disgusting, and undelightful.” We’re still waiting to see if she’ll go through a growth spurt.

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