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Several years ago I went to the hospital to visit a World War II vet who had just had open-heart surgery and was very well medicated. When he saw me he said, “Preacher! Untie me.” They had his hands tied to the sides of the bed because he kept trying to pull his tubes out. He asked, “Why do they do this to me?” I replied, “Probably because you won’t be good.” He leaned back on his pillow and smiled. He knew exactly why they did that to him.

He wanted me to help him break out of there like it was a prison. Because I knew him and his often flashbacks to combat with Japanese soldiers, I just joked with him a bit, and he received it. This man knows I love and respect him, so was open to my words to him, even if they were not what he wanted to hear.

If we want to minister to the tough cases, we have to earn the right to speak into their lives. Then, when the right crisis moment comes, we’re both ready. My assignment for you this week is this: Find someone who is cold to the things of God, and begin to develop a relationship with him/her. Buy them a soda or coffee or candy bar. Give them a compliment (women appreciate compliments on how they look, men like compliments on what they do). Ask them about their hobbies or children. Don’t bring God in until they’re ready. Just earn respect by caring about them. God will do the rest in due time.

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