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A newspaper article reported that a thief in Lodi, New Jersey, stole $7,000 in jewelry, old coins, and cash from a widow. The items taken were all she had left from her husband’s estate.

While going through his loot, the robber came across several offering envelopes containing money the woman intended to give to the Lord. Leaving the contents inside, he put them in another envelope, addressed it to the woman’s church, and then dropped it in the mail.

When the pastor discovered what had happened, he commented, “It’s characteristic of the moral confusion of our times that someone would consider stealing from a widow and her children, yet think it reprehensible to steal from the church.”

Here’s an important truth: A sin against our neighbor is a sin against God (Leviticus 6:4). Who really owns that stuff anyway?

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Two construction workers sat down at noon to eat. One opened his lunch box and began to scream angrily, “Baloney again! I can’t believe it! I hate baloney! This is the third time this week that I’ve had baloney. I can’t stand baloney!”

His friend tried to settle him down, “Take it easy. Why don’t you just tell your wife that you don’t like baloney. Ask her to make something different.”

“Wife?” replied the first, “I make my own lunches.”

Much of our misery we bring upon ourselves. Perhaps there’s an area of your life that makes you angry. Could you be your own worst enemy?

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Reporter Chuck Shepherd of United Press Syndicate, reported, “In San Antonio, a man was sentenced to ten years’ probation for a bungled burglary of a liquor store. The burglar had cut his hand badly when he broke through the roof of the store. He tried to throw a bottle of whiskey out through the hole he had created but missed, causing the bottle to fall to the floor, shatter and set off an alarm. He then fell onto the broken glass, cutting himself again. Reaching the roof for his getaway, he fell off, leaving his wallet on the sidewalk. He also left a trail of blood from the store to his home, just around the corner.”

I wonder if the angels in heaven were laughing like that at me before I came to Christ. It seems that everything I did led to one more defeat in my life, just like the man above. While I was crying, perhaps they were having a good laugh. Do you think the angels might be laughing at your set of choices, or rejoicing because of the right choice you made with Jesus? Think about this today.

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Before a burglary trial, the judge explained to the defendant, “You can let me try your case, or you can choose to have a jury of your peers.”

The man thought for a moment. “What are peers?” he asked.

“They’re people just like you – your equals.”

“Forget it,” retorted the defendant. “I don’t want to be tried by a bunch of thieves.”

Because people are just like us (guilty) we don’t like it when they judge us. But we are just as unlikely to judge them. The best bet is for each of us to try our best to encourage others and let God do the judging.




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Back in the 1980s the church was located in a much smaller building on Washington Street. Robin Clifford was a senior in High School and was working as a part-time secretary at the church. We printed our weekly communicator on an old mimeograph machine.

On a certain Friday I was showing Robin how to refill the ink chamber of the machine with paste ink when an air bubble blasted a big glob of ink onto my brand new white shirt. I looked at the mess and shook my head. Robin got a great laugh out of that.

Today copiers make those messes a thing of the past. What messes have you made lately?

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Margaret Sangster is a social worker for her state. She told her colleagues about seeing a young boy in an urban ghetto who appeared little more than a bit of twisted human flesh. He had been struck by a car several months before and had not received proper medical attention.

Although not part of her caseload, she took the boy to an orthopedist, who performed surgery on his legs. Two years later the boy walked into Sangster’s office without crutches. His recovery was complete. The two embraced. Margaret Sangster said to herself, “If I accomplish nothing else in my life, I have made a real difference with at least this one!”

Retelling the story, Sangster said, “This was all several years ago now. Where do you think that boy is today?” They suggested that he might be a school teacher, a physician, or a social worker. With deep emotion, Margaret Sangster responded, “No, he’s in the penitentiary for one of the foulest crimes a human can commit.” The she said, “I was instrumental in teaching him how to walk again, but there was no one to teach him where to walk.”

When Jesus told the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven”, also said, “I say unto you arise” (Mark 2:5 & 11).

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One more illustration from Dwight L. Moody (remember, this was from the days before X-ray machines):

When a man has a broken arm, the surgeon must find out the exact spot where the fracture is. He feels along and presses gently with his fingers. “Is it there?” “No.”

“Is it there?” “No.”

Presently, when the surgeon touches another spot, “Ouch!” says the man. He has found the broken part, and it hurts.

It is one thing to hear a man preach down other people’s sins. Men will say, “That is splendid,” and will want all their friends to go and hear the preacher. But, let him touch on their individual sin, and declare, as Nathan did to David, “Thou art the man,” and they say, “I do not like that.” The preacher has touched a sore place.

You can always recognize the broken area of your life, because it hurts when the Word of God touches it.

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