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Last Sunday afternoon my siblings and I met at my folks’ old home in Butler to get things ready for a garage sale this coming weekend. My folks kept everything, so we had to decide what was trash, what were heirlooms, and what was garage-sale material.

My brother had set two large wall-hanging photos aside and asked if I knew anyone in them. I looked at the first picture and my mouth dropped open. It was a circa 1904/05 family photograph of my great-grandparents and all their adult children, including my 18-year old grandmother. I had never known that photo existed. What a blessing for a family history buff.

One of my first tasks upon getting home was to clean a hundred years’ of grime off the glass and frame. I used one of my wife’s nice rags to do that and afterward she gave me her opinion on that idea! What’s the oldest family photo you own?

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