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We can see God’s Law illustrated in civil law. On a freeway where there is no visible sign of the law, motorists transgress the speed limit routinely. Everyone knows the maximum is usually 55 mph, but they all naturally flow together at an unlawful 70 mph. If confronted about it, each driver would say something like this: “I was going with the flow. Besides, I was only transgressing the law by 15 mph, and I was not the only one driving over the speed limit.”

Ever notice what happens when the law enters the scene? A police car moving through the fast lane with its lights flashing causes each driver’s heart to miss a beat. Motorists no longer feel secure in the knowledge that others are also speeding. Each one recognizes his guilt and that he could be the one pulled over. Suddenly that “mere” 15-mph transgression doesn’t seem like such a small thing after all!

God’s laws are written on our hearts. Let’s be paying attention before He arrests us.

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