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Reporter Chuck Shepherd of United Press Syndicate, reported, “In San Antonio, a man was sentenced to ten years’ probation for a bungled burglary of a liquor store. The burglar had cut his hand badly when he broke through the roof of the store. He tried to throw a bottle of whiskey out through the hole he had created but missed, causing the bottle to fall to the floor, shatter and set off an alarm. He then fell onto the broken glass, cutting himself again. Reaching the roof for his getaway, he fell off, leaving his wallet on the sidewalk. He also left a trail of blood from the store to his home, just around the corner.”

I wonder if the angels in heaven were laughing like that at me before I came to Christ. It seems that everything I did led to one more defeat in my life, just like the man above. While I was crying, perhaps they were having a good laugh. Do you think the angels might be laughing at your set of choices, or rejoicing because of the right choice you made with Jesus? Think about this today.

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