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Last night I attended the National Day of Prayer Rally at the Butler Elementary School. I was assigned to lead a prayer for the military. Many other ministers and dignitaries were also invited to lead prayer for other civic and religious themes, so it was a community event.

I shared that our military has always been about transporting freedom and democracy to other cultures. Many lives have been sacrificed to carry that message overseas. We need to pray for our brave men and women in uniform that they will be protected, vigilant, and successful in their efforts to uproot evil and tyranny.

The death of Osama bin Laden, which we hail as a victory, does not make the world a safer place. Others will rise up to take his place. Vengeance has already been threatened, and will surely be attempted. The world will never be a truly safer place until Jesus Christ comes back, which is imminent.

Take one minute right now and pray for our military. God bless the USA.

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