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In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, the first man ever to do so. Hillary got all the press, but critical to his ascent was one of Sir Edmund’s climbing companions, Tenzig Norgay.

No one ever mentions Norgay’s name, yet on the way back down the mountain, Hillary fell and would have been killed if Tenzig Norgay had not pulled him back up by cable and saved his life. Hillary lived to tell a great story due to the help of an unknown man. When someone asked Norgay why he did not brag about it, he replied, “We mountain climbers help each other.”

Have you helped someone else along life’s journey that ended up outshining you? Remember that fame and success are not the name of the game in God’s Kingdom. Jesus said, “Whoever would be first should be the servant of all.” Who will you help today?

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