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Yesterday I came home for lunch. Anita was running errands, so I was “home alone”. I was walking around the house, eating my sandwich, when I noticed something black emerging from some weeds in the bean field behind me. At first I thought it was a buzzard. But the size caught my eye. As he strolled out into the clear snowy field, I saw was too big for a buzzard. Soon he turned to the side and I noticed it was a full grown turkey.

Soon another strolled out behind him, then another, then another. Soon I counted twelve toms and hens roaming about the field in search of some seeds to eat. Against the new fallen snow, they looked beautiful. I smiled as I watched them, until I remembered I was eating a shaved turkey sandwich. So, I hid my sandwich behind my back.

So, how do I prove this experience if no one else was here to see it with me? I guess this will be my story alone. It was the day I found a wild turkey and made myself a turkey sandwich.

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