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God will use different people at different times to meet different needs in your life. He used Pharaoh to feed the Israelites. Imagine that! When famine hit, He led His people down to Egypt and made Pharaoh feed them for 400 years. Get this: when you ask God for something, don’t dictate to Him who He’ll use to meet your need.

Notice the words of Jesus: “Shall men give into your bosom” (Luke 6:38). When God wants to bless you, sometimes He’ll send a person! But if you’re too proud to accept their help, you won’t get it. Or, if you limit Him to working through people you know or like, you’ll miss the boat again. God used Pharaoh because Pharaoh’s not the kind of guy you’re apt to fall in love with. God doesn’t want you getting hooked on anybody but Him. He can bless you through your boss, the IRS, the car dealer, the mortgage lender, or even those who mean you no good!

It was betrayal by his brothers that eventually caused Joseph to become Prime Minister of Egypt. People will enter your life and people will leave it. Praise God when they come and praise Him when they go, and remind yourself: “If He blessed me before, He can do it again.”

Egypt only became a problem when God’s people stayed there too long! Don’t lean on the arm of the flesh too long, or the instrument of your blessing can become an idol (or a source of control). And that’s a problem, for God said: “You shall have no other Gods before me.”

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