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Some inventors work many hours or days to invent a product. Thomas Edison, for example, hired a staff of inventors to test all the possible methods to make artificial electric light in a vacuum bulb. He suspected it was possible, but had to experiment until he found the correct filament. The Wright brothers spent several years experimenting on vacation time before they first flew.

Other inventions are accidents. Such was the case with Sarah Wheeler of Connersville. Sarah was the operator of Wheeler Creamerie Exchange at Connersville. She found that her filling for cream pie had burned and, as a result, tasted like butterscotch candy. She repeated the “mistake” for other pies and this helped build the Wheeler restaurant chain. The first published recipe for butterscotch pie was entered in a Methodist church cookbook in1904.

Mistakes just may be the guidance of the Lord. What have you discovered through a mistake?

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