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When I was a child, Hell was talked about as often as Heaven. It was a place to be feared because we understood it to be the place where God punished sin. But today churches have become silent on the topic. Most pastors still believe in such a place, we just don’t to make people feel insecure. But perhaps insecure people should be made to feel their insecurity.

What can you add about Hell? What experiences confirm or deny what I said this weekend? Do you disagree with something I said or have another viewpoint. We’d like to know.

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Rene' Bute

I think many churches shy away from talking about hell because they have become a place for parishoners to come in and get a warm fuzzy, happy, happy, joy, joy feeling to make them feel better. They get smiles and feel-good messages, and go home.
Little do they know what is lurking out there waiting for them.
I think about how relentlessly demons and Satan pursue us here on earth- – can you imagine just how much MORE relentless they will be on those that are in hell, with NO escape?
Thank God for a place where we still hear what we need to hear to keep us right with God.

March 1st, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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