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One more political question. What do you think of the “Cash for Clunkers” program? I understand the incentive is to get old fuel-inefficient models off the road and motivate people to buy new cars, thus boosting the economy. That makes sense to me. But the trade off is that if all the older model cars disappear from the used car lots because taxpayers are giving $4,500 each to have perfectly good cars crushed or shredded, where does does that leave the unemployed, disabled, or first time car buyers? They must assume debt they cannot afford just to get to work or the grocery store. What a waste. 

Doesn’t it make more sense in a free market economy to let people with higher paying jobs buy the pricier cars and trade their older cars down to those just working their way up? That way everyone wins, not just the people with the better jobs. That has been the American way for decades.

I’m interested in your thoughts on the “Cash for Clunkers” program. Is it helping or hurting the economy? Good or bad and why?

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Sharon again

My opinion….. Something is wrong with this picture. Our great grand kids will pay dearly for the money our government is spending that they don’t have. I see deficit spending as a huge long term issue. Here again, there is so much waste. I understand there is a big market for not only these cars, but things like air conditioning units from them. So what do we do? Trash them. Lord have mercy. If we were going to do something like this, standards should have been set much higher…… like a minimum of 30 mpg, which would have left many options open.

August 5th, 2009 at 8:42 am
John a very concerned American

“One man’s clunker is another man’s prize”

Before I begin I must say that I’m a firm believer in saving this wonderful planet God has given us in every way possible. Just not at the cost of our freedom.
Once again our government has thrown common sense and good judgment right out the door. Where is this money coming from? Right out of our pockets. ???
Your so right about the fate of the clunkers. Why destroy them totally? How many people will this put out of work? Our representative’s who we have put in office. In some cases for too many years now. They seem to have forgotten what makes the wheels turn in this country. They no longer see the man running the auto recycle yard, or those that work the auto parts stores, much less the small companies that build and supply parts for these cars. Or how about the charities that donate old cars? Do we ever ask ourselves. What’s it all for?
Yes our government now owns 51% in two of our automotive companies. And yes they need to sell cars to get our economy going. But at what cost? With our countries deficit spiraling out of control, our government growing by leaps and bounds daily. Anybody need a new Czar??? Do we really believe that going into debt right now for a new car is the right thing to do? What if we really needed a new refrigerator instead? Then again do we really believe it when our president tells us that we can spend our way out of debt?
The day is quickly coming that our eye’s will be opened with a bad dose of reality. This country cannot sustain the path we are on, and we will soon begin to see and feel the effects of all this legislation that has been rushed through for one emergency or another. Our country is being transformed into something much different than our founding fathers ever had in mind.
I have to keep asking myself is this really what the rest of America wanted when they voted for “Change”. I pray to God daily that he gives us all including those running this country the wisdom and knowledge needed to do what’s right, or at least to open the eyes of us that’s buried our heads in the sand for so long to stand up and say “ENOUGH”.

And for those that buy the new cars, I pray you still have the jobs to pay for them, but don’t forget to thank your neighbor for their contribution……

August 5th, 2009 at 9:56 am
Rene' Bute

Who wouldn’t love to have a new car? I know I would. But I think that the whole – Oh-just-buy-everything-you-possibly-can-on-credit-mentality is what got many of us where we are now. I’m afraid that people are going to see this as a deal that they can’t pass up, and JUST LIKE WITH THE HOUSING MARKET-people are going to have yet another loan that they can’t pay for.
I guess I understand the idea behind the whole incentive, but while we are trying to be ‘green’ and get cars off the road that don’t have good gas mileage……where are they going??? To the landfills that are already overflowing and polluting??? Doesn’t sound too green to me.
I think we are now creating ways for people to sabotage their livelihoods and financial futures

August 5th, 2009 at 10:26 pm
John a very concerned American

Congress has just passed a 2 billion dollar extension to Cash for Clunkers. Important facts that go along with that extension.

Seems the buying data showed that the only people taking advantage of the program were upper middle class citizens that were going to purchase a vehicle anyway. Way to go Washington, we thought you already knew we love free money…..
So they have added to the already over 300 pages of rules and regs. for the program. Now your combined income must be less then $50,000 to qualify. And yes it means you must produce your tax return and surrender it to your automotive dealer. So we have to ask the question. Do they want the lower income citizens, the ones that have the homes that they couldn’t really afford, thanks to the “affordable housing act” to go farther into debt? Gee Mr. President do you think maybe this section of our society isn’t buying cars because there to busy trying to pay their mortgage, utilities, taxes,put food on the table and gas in their clunker just to get to work so they can fund your insanity. Isn’t this what got us into this mess in the first place?

August 7th, 2009 at 7:34 am

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