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Pastor John A. Huffman, Jr. understands evangelism well. He once told his congregation, “This sanctuary can be a salt-shaker. You can come in here once a week, have a lot of fellowship with all the other salt and think your job is accomplished. Instead, God wants to pick up this sanctuary and shake you out all over this city. He has brought you together as His salt only to scatter you. He wants you to be an influence for Jesus.”

Well said. Where is the salt needed? Whose life is messed up and needs a little of the salt God has developed within you? Keeping salt in the shaker isn’t what it was intended for. This is what you were created for, church. There should be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.

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Rene' Bute

Amen, Pastor Diehl. We are to be salt and light. Salt for flavor and light to find the way. As a result of messages lately, we are on a mission every time we go shopping to do a good deed for someone. I guess it’s an effort to be a light-even if only for a moment. With four kids with their eyes out, it is easy to find someone that needs some help, whether it’s reaching something for them or, like the other day, we helped a lady load empty boxes into her car.
It’s kind of fun trying to make a point of touching someone in a positive way.

August 3rd, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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