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I can recall being disciplined with a switch. A “switch” was a flexible branch from a tree. The switch acted like a whip when it struck across my backside and really hurt! And all us kids feared the dreaded switch. I don’t know why it was called a switch unless it referred to the behavior of the kid after applying the switch to the bottom line.

I used to get as far from the switch as I could as it was swinging my way. But it didn’t take me long to learn what a mistake that was! The wisest place to be when Mom was swinging the switch was as close as I could be to her. That way, her leverage was minimized.

And so it is with God’s correction. When he begins to wield the stinging switch, Let’s move in as close as we can get. The closer we get to the Father in those times, the less it stings.

What have you learned about the switch?

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Molly Adams

When it is used in love rather than anger, it truly is a powerful tool. Plus it can also be received with love rather than rebellion or hatred.

February 19th, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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