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When a pastor starts a church plant from scratch, his values become the values of the church. Those who join after automatically see him/her as the leader and adopt his/her values. When a pastor takes an invitation to shepherd an existing church, it can take three years before he earns the right to begin to persuade a church with established values to change, and usually longer. That’s why church growth experts say the most effective way to reach new converts is through a church plant. So why don’t we all just leave our churches and start new ones?

For starters, its a lot more expensive to start over. Secondly, we have deep relationships with the members of the old church. Thirdly, God has called us to unite and not divide (split). Fourthly, our kids are watching our example and need to see stability in God’s church. Fifthly, its a waste of the church’s resources to keep reinventing the wheel. Sixthly, the man/woman who starts the new church may actually just be rebelling against the spiritual authority God has placed him/her under.

What’s the solution? Find out what the values of the church are early on and see if you agree. If so, support it. If not, don’t even begin to get involved there, because you will eventually be disappointed. At New Hope, what you see is what you get.

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Scott Kincaid

I thank God that at New Hope, what you see is what you get. New Hope is a safe place to worship and hear the word of God preached, taught and proclaimed.

January 27th, 2009 at 7:29 pm
Tara Lilly

I have some real conflicts about church plants in America-not church plants around the world where the gospel is being spread for the first time, but in America. Is the problem with the Church in America that there aren’t enough churches??? Since I can probably drive past ten churches from my home to New Hope 15 miles away and it is this way just about everywhere I have ever lived, I don’t think so. No, the problem isn’t not enough churches, it is brokenness in churches that exist. Can I argue with a man that insists that he has a calling from God to plant a new church, essentially down the road from several others? No, that is between him and God. However, I do ask, what would happen if all Godly people with vision for revival would be willing to stay where they are at, ask their pastor what they could do to help, and get to work making their own church better? What would happen if instead of people thinking that their way to “do” church is better and they should start a new one, people realized that the disconnected way in which we are doing things isn’t reaching the world, but just moving Christians around? What if we all made our vision Jesus’ vision, instead of my own personal vision for MY ministry? What if the answer to the brokenness of the American Church is actually Christians needing to submit to the Spiritual authorities that they have been placed under? These are the questions that I wrestle with, and it seems that so many people I meet that are new to church (not just ours) aren’t “new”, they just “used to go to [blank] church” and left for some reason. This is a complicated issue and I’m trying to work it out. I’m just skeptical to hear anyone claim they have a “new” way to offer Jesus and if you come to their church you will experience it-it just adds to the competitive attitude that the world has come to see in us, that drives so many to stay away.

January 30th, 2009 at 12:24 am

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