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In the latter 1800’s Alex was very concerned about his wife’s problem with her hearing, so he set about to invent a hearing aid. After many months on the design of the hearing aid, it all came to no avail. He had failed and never did produce such a device. However, out of his efforts, Alex discovered the principles of the telephone. A year later, the first sentence was transmitted over his new “talking machine”.

Few people realize that what Alexander Graham Bell invented was not his original intent, but was an accident. His failure had become an unexpected success. He did not allow his failure to discourage him, but simply shifted gears and worked tirelessly to perfect an instrument that has revolutionized communication. The whole world benefits from Alex’s accident and that he refused to give up!

Ecclesiates 9:10a says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Let’s not be discouraged by failure, but expect God to lead every disappointment into a newly discovered success.

What have you accomplished or discovered “by accident”?

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Dawn Ihrie

Pastor, you’re better than a history teacher! I so often leave church with new knowledge. Not just spiritual knowledge but stuff I somehow missed in history class.

December 8th, 2008 at 10:56 am
Lucy Smith

I remember I was faced with a cross-roads decision a few years back. I was concerned like so many young people are with the path of life that God wanted for me. I was broken, for I needed to be to hear God’s call on my life.
I had always wanted to be a professional singer. My parents supported me in middle school and high school with voice lessons and I thought the next step was to go to college for voice or theatre. My first attempt was fruitless and when I tried college again a few years later, I was disappointed to discover that neither the voice or theatre programs fit me. I was simply not an operatic singer and my piano skills were minute.
I was forced to move back to my parents home, a person in my mid-twenties with no clue as to what my future would hold.
One day, my mother told me that the nursing home in our area was hiring for their assisted living section. I remember thinking (and I cringe at the “old” me) “Well, at least I won’t have to bathe or toilet anyone. . . ”
Little did I know that the Lord wanted me to do just that. As I got to know the residents of the nursing home, I fell in love wth them and I began to work as a CNA on the nursing home side. The Lord softened my heart by allowing me to see my work as a ministry. I desired to help these people become better and then discovered the field of occupational therapy, and I will be completing my degree in a few short months. And to think that my life dramatically changed because of a little advertisement in a newspaper. . . .

December 8th, 2008 at 6:36 pm

It is amazing how we think we know what we are to do in life and only find out it is not where God wants us at all.
I have worked health care for most of my life. I really felt that was what i was to do. I had a heart attack the 1st of sept. I have had a rough 3 months trying to work and going through tests and medication ajustments for a b/p out of control. My doctor said i needed to cut some of my hours at work. I told him i cant with all the work i have missed i am behind on all my bills now. He said Shelia i know you like your job but the stress level is high working with the elders with dementia etc. I thought to myself there is alot of stress but i have handled it ok to now. So i did not go to the office and cut my hours as he had asked me to. I was home about an hour and the office called and said one of my clients was going to the nursing home and my hours were cut by 16 hours a week. And there were no more hours available for me. Talk about stress! I prayed and cried and prayed. Then i thought was that God talking to me through my doctor. So i prayed for God to forgive me for not listening and for any slips ups i have made. Now i am waiting for the God to show me where i am to be and what i am to be doing. Was this an accident no i guess not. I think it was my bullheadedness not listening. Pray for me to be better at listening with my heart and keep my mind clear.

December 9th, 2008 at 8:21 am

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