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Robin’s New Book

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We always want to believe that light comes after the darkness and hope follows tragedy, but we don’t always see that even in the lives of Christians.  I just finished a new book, not yet released, by Robin Strine entitled ‘Into the Darkness…Guided By His Light’.  Robin attends our church, so the message in this book allows us to put a face with the story.  Robin was involved in a freak automobile accident that eventually caused her to lose her eyesight.  Repeatedly throughout the story we see bad news followed by a breakthrough, then more bad news followed by another breakthrough.  Robin lives the kind of stubborn love others just talk about.

When the book is released in the near future, I encourage you to buy one, get her to autograph it for you, and read about God’s mercy in the face of adversity.  It will give you hope. And perhaps it will motivate you to pass it on to someone else who also needs that hope.


On the Warpath

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We just got back from vacation. We rented a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains and invited our three kids and their kids to spend a couple of days with us. We spent a day driving through the Smokey Mountain National Park. A highlight of the trip was a tour of a genuine Cherokee Indian village just south of the National Park on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. These Indians had reconstructed an Indian village from the 1700’s and demonstrated crafts those early Indians would have made in that time. Included was a lecture by an Indian named Buck Squirrel explaining the culture of the day. This was especially interesting to Anita, as we are fairly certain she has Cherokee ancestry. We even bought a resource book on researching Cherokee genealogy that may help in our future research.

That is why I am fascinated with the Bible. It helps me stay focused on my spiritual roots. Although the world’s culture has changed since Bible times, spiritual culture has not. The church is still about giving hope to the lost, seeing people set free from bondages, and developing spiritual family relationships that last. Let’s read the Bible as a resource book designed by God Himself to teach us about our spiritual connections.