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The Next Holocaust

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Although I am working at the office today, I am taking the rest of the week off to spend time with family.  As many of you know, I am a history buff.  As a Christmas gift I received an encyclopedia-sized book that is a pictorial history of World War 2.  I have enjoyed the time reviewing those pictures of that epic season of world history.

I asked myself the question, ‘What would have happened to the world if the US had not entered that war’.  The answer was simple.  Adolph Hitler would have completely dominated Europe, systematically eradicating all Jews from the earth.  All of God’s promises for the Promised Land would have been proved false, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ would have occured.

But it was right for the US to enter this European war.  The threat Nazi Germany waged against all free people mandated it.  And many millions of believers were added to the Kingdom in the generation to follow.  God is not willing that any perish, and gave the world another chance.  That chance however, is drawing to a close.  The next holocaust is already brewing…

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Tara Lilly

Pastor Diehl:
I read this blog and thought about the first time in college I really began to understand how/why we got involved in WWII. It has always been appalling to me that the US became militarily involved in the war mainly because of attack on our soil. I wish we had more concern as a nation about the Holocaust at the time. Of course, the rise of Hitler and the possiblity of his domination was of grave concern, but I’ve always wondered if there was any real movement to expose the plight of the Jews of Europe and take up their cause, or if America was asleep and the bombs of Pearl Harbor were the only thing that would wake us. It’s a call to arms for me; am I willing to fight spiritual battles when someone else needs help, or am I only interested in getting involved if it affects me? There is something new for me to think about! By the way I welcome further education on WWII or other historical topics….

January 7th, 2007 at 2:55 am

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