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This week I’ve had two funerals in a row (one day apart). One was 56 years old and the other was 96. I enjoy doing funerals because I have a captive audience that are all there because they want to be. They all have some sort of relationship with the deceased, and they are all thinking about death and dying.

Because life on this earth is temporal (it only lasts about 70-80 years) everyone knows death is coming sooner or later to about 100% of us. So, I have the opportunity to speak to them about an issue that is close to their hearts. Where is Aunt Sally now? What happens after death? Is there a heaven? Will I go there?

After we review the life of the deceased, I share scriptures that are relevant to the person’s hope after their life on earth is over. Most often, I share Psalm 23 because it speaks about God’s desired relationship with people and closes talking about our hope for the future, which is a great lead-in for me to share the gospel, whether the deceased was a believer or not.

So, at funerals I get to sow seeds of faith and hope into people’s lives. I may not be able to do much with Aunt Sally’s past choices, but I do have an open window to speak into the lives of the living. I love doing funerals because of these things.

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I never personally thanked you for the words you shared at Mom’s funeral. But I want to make sure that you know, a family member approached my sister a few weeks later saying that she couldn’t stop thinking about what you said. Since then she has been asking so many questions, and really wanting answers about the Lord. She has not yet accepted Christ, however, the seed that you planted WILL be harvested. I’m believing it!

December 6th, 2006 at 8:07 am

I know when you do a funeral, you do say things that really help the family. But how do we get people to continue thinking after that contact? People are so open when they are in crisis. They want answers. God wants to bless us, so when He does, we so often forget about Him.
I guess I’d love to hear your comments about how to continue in being able to speak into people’s lives, or are we suppose to? I know relationships are the key.. What are your thoughts?

December 7th, 2006 at 5:17 am

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