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The story is told of a high-wire artist who was to perform in a small city. When he arrived, he secured the help of two young men. They set up the platforms and strung the wire tightly across the street – 100 feet high and with no net.

As people gathered, the high-wire artist began his act. First, he carried a long pole across the wire. He then exchanged it for a chair. He went back out to the center of the wire, placed the chair on it, and sat down. Then he got up and went across the wire and exchanged the chair for a wheelbarrow, taking it back across the wire. When he got to the platform he asked one of his young assistants, “Do you believe I can take this wheelbarrow across that wire without falling?”

The young fellow answered, “Of course. I just saw you do it.””OK,” the man said, “get in.”

It is one thing to say we believe something and another thing to have faith that acts on our belief. We can believe mentally without believing with our faith.

Our final challenge in this Trials of Our Faith series is to Get In.

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Most of us know that our church used to be a non-instrumental Church of Christ. When the elders asked me to be their pastor, I told them I would only do so if we made major changes, beginning with approval of By-Laws and establishing a membership. How did I lead this church through these changes with virtually no opposition?

For starters, the leaders had seen the failed system fail. They were ready for some stability. You see, the Church of Christ believed in a congregational government, meaning a democracy where everyone had an equal say. They also did not believe in a membership. Therefore, when problems came up, they called a congregational meeting to vote on it, and whoever brought the most friends and neighbors won! People showed up who had never attended before.

That’s wrong and they all knew it. The only logical fix was to establish a membership roster to identify who the legitimate voters would be. And By-Laws simply spelled out how we would do business in our church. It was common sense stuff and everyone agreed.

Every church should have a membership roster kept updated and workable By-Laws that close loopholes that give Satan a foothold to destroy what God wants to do. Because I had already proven myself by being a faithful lay person in the same church for eight years, the elders trusted me and approved every change I suggested. But I had to earn that right.

Of course, the church had already been through a split, eliminating those who didn’t want the change, and the remaining people were weary of the backbiting. That set up the possibility for the changes that allowed our church to grow over the next two decades. Only a handfull of people remain who can remember those agonizing days back in 1980, but I am eternally grateful for their trust and support.

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This morning I got up early and went to the men’s breakfast at church. Joyce Summers and her volunteers did a great job with the meal. I shared for 40 minutes on what I have learned through this process. I did OK, but if I had to do that three times I would be exhausted, so I know I’m not ready to get back to preaching yet.

Now that the catheter is out I’m aware of some dull pain I still have in my abdomen. I’m moving slowly, but can pretty well do the things I did before the surgery. The difficulty I had in sitting is now gone since the catheter has been out. I did my morning stretches for my back today for the first time since surgery, and that felt great.

I shared at the men’s breakfast this morning the statement that God made in Exodus 15:26 where He declared, “I am the Lord that heals you.” That was in the context of the Lord showing Israel what to do to heal the bitter waters of Marah. God’s healing requires us listening to His advice and doing it. If we don’t take our problems to Him, He can’t advise us. So, take your difficulties to Him, and expect Him to direct your steps. What are you trusting the Lord to help you with?

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Faith plays an essential role in the life of a believer.  But, some have turned “faith” into a “good work”, which can never please God.  The Bible has much to say about expressions of faith and faith-filled confessions.  It seems that whenever some Christians discover some powerful truth in the Bible, they tend to take it too far to the right, while others take it too far to the left.  What is the balanced truth about faith?

The truth is, in my case, my faith is great.  I am very optimistic and that’s why I chose to go public with my personal journey with this cancer battle.  Faith overcomes the world and all its bondages and problems.  My faith is great, my spirit is on fire for God, and all is well with my soul.  Its my body that has a problem.

I have never been afraid of or confessed cancer in my life.  As a matter of fact, I was shocked when I first learned of it.  But my faith is in God, not what He will or won’t do.  I simply trust Him, because He’s never let me down since I first trusted in Him in April 1971.  And no one better try to tell me I have cancer because I don’t have enough faith!  Those are fighting words.

What do you believe about faith?

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