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Many funny things have happened over the years in weddings. Because weddings are formal events, we expect everything to go perfectly. Therefore, anything not perfect and according to plan seems extra funny.

On one occasion the couple were trying to light the Unity Candle. This part of the wedding ceremony is a visual of two separate lives becoming one. The mothers had officially lit the separate candles at the beginning of the ceremony, signifying their roles in bringing the bride and groom into the world.

At the appropriate time in the ceremony, the bride and groom walked up to the Unity Candle, lifted the separate pre-lit candles and, together, attempted to light the Unity Candle. But it wouldn’t light. Everyone was watching in anticipation as they struggled to get the larger candle to take the flame.

Finally, in desperation, the groom took his pre-lit candle and mashed it onto the top of the Unity Candle. Because the wax had been softened by the two pre-lit candles, it stuck! Everybody chuckled and the ceremony continued. Now that’s a story of stubborn fortitude; a determination to make this happen no matter what.

May you have the same stubborn persistence in your relationships.

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One morning a couple of cowpunchers went out on the range to bring in a wild steer from the mountains. They took along with them one of those shaggy little gray donkeys – a burro. Now a big three-year old steer that’s been running loose in the timber is a tough customer to handle. Nevertheless, these cowboys had a technique for handling this steer. They got a rope on the steer and then they tied him neck and neck, right up close, to the burro and let them go.

At first, the burro had a bad time. The steer threw him all over the place. He banged him against trees, rocks, and into bushes. Time after time they both went down. But there was one great difference between the burro and the steer. The burro had an idea. He wanted to go home. And no matter how often the steer threw him, every time the burro got to his feet he took a step nearer the corral. This went on and on. After about a week, the burro showed up at the corral. He had with him the tamest and sorriest-looking steer you ever saw.

As a Christian, you’ve been tied neck and neck with Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit. You can’t get away. And the more you try, the more the Spirit pulls you back on track. By the time God gets you where He finally wants you, you’ll be broken of your stubborn pride…and home!

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