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Have you ever heard of The Tightwad Gazette? This is a newsletter dedicated to “promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.” This monthly publication is filled with money-saving ideas such as vacuuming furnace filters and reusing them, or shredding newspaper for cat litter.

Now, I’m all for saving money and looking for a better deal. Many short-cuts to cost-cutting, however, just transfer the cost from one source to another (they really don’t help in the long-run).

But, I think that the Tight-wad lifestyle can ultimately turn into a greedy lifestyle. The biblical principle is that God wants to partner with us and that we are a channel through which God’s blessings flow. If the summary of my life is what I’ve saved, and I can’t take any of it with me, what do I have in the end? What will be the summary of my life?

Remember these wise words recorded in Haggai 2:8: “The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,” says the Lord of hosts.” He already has it all. What are we lacking?

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A man of substance was approached to contribute to a major financial campaign. The urgent need and compelling case were stated, and the call was made for his support. The man responded: “I understand why you think I can give $50,000. I am a man with my own business and, it is true, I have all the signs of affluence”

“But there are some things you don’t know about me. Did you know that my mother is in an expensive nursing home?”

“Well, no, we didn’t know.”

“Did you know also that my brother died, and left a family of five and had almost no insurance?”

“No, we didn’t.”

“Did you know my son is deeply religious, has gone into social work, and makes less than the national poverty level to meet the needs of his family?”

“No, we hadn’t realized.”

“Well, then, if I don’t give any of them a penny, why do you think I’ll give it to you?”

Some people think their harvest comes only with dollar signs.

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