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It was Easter Sunday morning in Feldkirch, Austria. Napoleon’s massive army was preparing to attack the strategic town. Soldiers had been spotted on the heights above the little town, which was situated on the Austrian border. A council of citizens was hastily summoned to decide whether they should try  to defend themselves or display the white flag of surrender.

The townspeople had gathered in the local church for the Easter service. The pastor rose and said, “Friends, we have been counting on our own strength, and apparently that has failed. As this is the day of our Lord’s resurrection, let us just ring the bells, have our services as usual, and leave the matter in His hands. We know only our weakness, and not the power of God to defend us.”

The council accepted his plan and the church bells rang. The enemy, hearing the sudden peal, concluded that the Austrian army had arrived during the night to defend the town. Before the service ended, the enemy broke camp and left.

The lesson in this historical account is that when we praise the Lord he confounds our enemy. Let’s keep the praise coming; it may be our salvation!

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