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I heard about the little child that sat in church with his parents for the first time. The little guy watched as the ushers passed the offering bags. When they neared the row of seats where he sat, the youngster piped up in a voice that was easy for many to hear, “Don’t pay for me, Daddy, I’m under five”.

Who should pay for church anyway? In the 1890s many churches rented pews, or members owned their own. Only their friends and family could sit there. That’s one way to finance the church. Some churches receive pledges from the members at the beginning of the year and send a collection letter at the end of the year if its not paid in full. I guess that’s another way to do it. In the 1940s and 1950s some churches just passed the offering again if they didn’t receive enough money the first time. Others will send you a $10 book if you’ll send them $100.

The only “right way” I know for a church to collect offerings is to remind people that God said the tithe (tenth) belongs to the Lord, and He will rebuke the devourer if we do that. The real church doesn’t need any gimmicks or strategies, just challenge people to live for God. So, the people who live for God pay for it, no matter how young or old. I’m paying my share this weekend. How about you?

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Missionaries to China in the last part of the 1900’s began to push into the unexplored interior of that great land. They found a community where the main crop was potatoes. They had a good climate and good soil, but their harvest was always little tiny potatoes, about the size of marbles. The natives said that big potatoes just did not grow there.

The newcomers said that surely some big potatoes grew there. “Oh, yes, we do get a few now and then,” they admitted. “What do you do with them?” “Well,” the local farmers answered, “We eat them, of course. The big ones are the best.” They were planting the runts. They were planting the potatoes that had the genes that produced ever smaller crops.

They were systematically reducing their crop as they took the biggest and best for themselves. The missionaries showed them that only when you plant the big ones – the best you have – will you get bigger ones in return.

How do you think that lesson applies to us and our giving to God?

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Have you ever heard of The Tightwad Gazette? This is a newsletter dedicated to “promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.” This monthly publication is filled with money-saving ideas such as vacuuming furnace filters and reusing them, or shredding newspaper for cat litter.

Now, I’m all for saving money and looking for a better deal. Many short-cuts to cost-cutting, however, just transfer the cost from one source to another (they really don’t help in the long-run).

But, I think that the Tight-wad lifestyle can ultimately turn into a greedy lifestyle. The biblical principle is that God wants to partner with us and that we are a channel through which God’s blessings flow. If the summary of my life is what I’ve saved, and I can’t take any of it with me, what do I have in the end? What will be the summary of my life?

Remember these wise words recorded in Haggai 2:8: “The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,” says the Lord of hosts.” He already has it all. What are we lacking?

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Today is the Day of Caring project organized by united Way of DeKalb County. Several volunteers from our church have signed up to work with Mark Jennings, who heads up our New Hope team. I understand they will be removing some deteriorated concrete steps at a house. That’s got to be a dusty mess of a job.

The Bible does talk about God’s people showing forth acts of repentance. We should act different than before. Warm-A-Heart is doing a similar act of repentance this weekend as they reach out to underprivileged women in the Ashley area with personal care products. Both of these efforts are example of ‘sharing the wealth’ from a Christian perspective. Its not the same as the government taking finances from those who are successful and handing it out with no accountability to those who aren’t. That’s communal-ism (Communism) and it has proven to fail.

Christianity is when people like you and I personally invest what we have in helping those who don’t, in the name of Jesus!

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One of my favorite stories regarding being a giver is a story about the great philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

For a number of years, Andrew Carnegie, whose wife loved classical music, made up the annual deficit of the New York Philharmonic Society. Then one year, at a meeting of the directors, he made the suggestion that the responsibility should not be his alone. He told them, “From now on, I think the burden should be shared. You raise half the deficit from other donors, and I will give you the remaining half.”

A few days later the directors informed the philanthropist that his condition had been met. He was pleased by the news. He said, “I told you the money could be easily raised. Where did you get it?” They replied, “We got it from Mrs. Carnegie.”

Some people just don’t understand what outreach means. They are so involved in their ministry, that they forget that ministry is always about reaching and discipling others. In the balance of your UP, IN, and OUT, how’s your OUT doing?

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Several years ago Chi Chi Rodriguez, a stalwart on the Senior PGA Tour, said, “If you don’t share you may have material success, but you’ll be very poor in spirit”.

As a young boy, Chi Chi recalls learning this important life lesson as a young boy growing up in a tiny tin-roofed shack in rural Puerto Rico:

“It was 2 AM when my father woke me because he heard someone out back. We crept outside and found a machete-wielding neighbor standing beside the small banana grove that fed our family. Despite the fact that the man could have killed him, father said, ‘Give me the machete’.

Then father cut a brunch of bananas and handed half of them to his neighbor. ‘From now on,’ he said, ‘anything you want back here you come and ask for it. And make sure you leave some for my kids, too.’

“The compassionate way he handled that man was one of many things my father did that influenced my life. That night he taught me that takers eat well, but givers sleep well.”

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A young man was raised by a Christian mother who taught him that 10 per cent of everything he earned belonged to God.

When he began to work at the age of 16, he gave 10 % of his earnings to God’s work. By the time he was 33, he was a millionaire. By the age of 43, he had the largest company in the world. Sadly, when he was 53 something happened and he stopped giving God first place in his life.

It was then that he got a horrible disease, and the doctors told him he would die before he was 54. The man repented, turned back to God, and he lived to be 98 years old, giving away many millions of dollars just as he had before. The foundations he established are still giving away millions long after the death of John D. Rockefeller.

Rockefeller had a gift of giving. When he stopped using his gift, the purpose of his life ended. When he reestablished living for his purpose, God continued to bless his life.

What has God called you to do? If you’ll do that, God will keep away the devourer.

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