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Donald Trump is now our President and has chosen his cabinet of leaders who will help him run the government. This cabinet of leaders are mostly million- and billionaires who have built successful businesses. How does a person become a successful millionaire, anyway? Most of them are assertive risk-takers who developed a team who knew who the boss was. They are used to finding a way to get their way and don’t have a problem telling uncooperative employees, “You’re fired!”

So what will it be like when the President puts them all in one room and begins telling them what to do? They are all head-strong control-freaks. I don’t think many of them are Yes-Men. This will be interesting to watch. I predict the President will have team-members resigning just like he did during his campaign. Somebody’s got to be the boss.

God taught me early on in my Christian walk that He wants to be the boss. He will not share His glory with anyone. If I want to stay on His team I need to get that straight. If I insist on my way He leaves me high and dry. Submission to His direction in my life is the only way to real success. I foresee we are all in for a wild ride.

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