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Today I’m out of the office and spending time with family. Our daughter and grandchildren will be here from Nashville, Tennessee, and this is the alternate year when they spend Thanksgiving with us. We clearly remember the pressure we put on our kids when they were little to go to both our parents’ house on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. They never got to enjoy their cousins for very long at either place. So, we decided not to do that to them.

Each year, Anita and I host the Thanksgiving dinner with our kids and grandkids, and the next year they go to the other side of the family. Then we alternate also between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. That way it takes pressure off families cutting their visit short and running off, and has worked well for our family. Last year it allowed us to bring both Anita’s Mom and my Mom home for quiet Thanksgiving dinner.

Sometimes its better to compromise a little to gain a little more quality time. And grandparents should help set that up for our children and grandchildren. Might that work for you? Happy Thanksgiving.

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