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I remember Thanksgiving Day 1967. I was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and had a 4-day pass starting Wednesday evening. I caught a bus into Louisville, Kentucky, then quickly transferred to another bus to Indianapolis. This bus stopped at every little burg along I-65. When I finally arrived in Indianapolis, I had a two-hour layover before catching the next bus north to Fort Wayne. Coincidentally, I bumped into a former high school classmate coming home from IU and we rode the bus together to Fort Wayne.

So, I arrived at the Fort Wayne Greyhound station in the wee hours of the morning and my Dad picked me up in his car. Was it all worth it? I think we were both too tired to say much on the ride back to Butler. But we were both awake by the time Mom got the turkey out of the oven the next day. It was a lot of effort to come all the way home for just a couple of days, but well worth it to reconnect with my family.

I would love to sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner again with my parents. I miss them both. Now, I’m the grandparent and everyone wants to come to my house and upset my routine. And I’m so thankful my parents put up with all that as they did.

You won’t always have those family members with you. Cherish every minute. Its worth the sacrifice.

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