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In the early church people prophesied to one another the first day they received the Holy Spirit. They had no training or instruction on how to prophesy or the dangers thereof. They just did it. So, how does the church get so lost in practicing prophecy today? Here’s how to do it properly:

You are going through something right now. It may be a good thing or it may be a bad thing. It may be in relationships or a project you’re working on. It may be an accident or something you intentionally must do. That’s real life. Talk to God about this situation and invite Him into it. As you press in toward God ask Him to give you wisdom on how to fix this, react to this, pray for this.

Then listen to the still small voice inside you. The language of the Spirit is coincidence. As God begins to speak thoughts to you regarding what you’re going through, He will begin to relate it to the spiritual realm. That’s your word from God. It may be God’s word for you (keep that in your mind for future reference), or it may be for everyone or someone else. Go to them and say, “I believe the Lord wants you to know…”

And don’t be super-spiritual to boost your own ego. Just speak good news with your own personality. May He speak clearly through you.

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