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So, the Pope said that Donald Trump is not a Christian because of his views on the Wall on the Mexican boarder. That’s pretty bold for a religious leader to feel that he can pass judgment on another based on his/her political views. I wonder if he thought that through.

Did he consider that a Christian is a spiritual condition, not a political position? You can say its not a Christian thing to do, but the Pope judged his soul based on his actions. Questionable.

Did he consider that as the Pontiff, he is speaking on behalf of all Catholics worldwide? Sometimes a leader needs to bite his tongue.

Did he consider that Donald Trump has a huge political following and usually fiercely attacks anyone who gets in his way? Watch out for backlash.

Did he consider that Jesus told us not to judge, lest we be judged?

And did he consider that, except for Israel, all geographic/political lines are man-made, not God assigned?

The Pope may be correct about Trump’s Christianity. Let’s see how God responds to this…


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Judy Goodrow

While I agree that the Pope should have been more careful with his words, I think I see what he’s trying to say. The God of the Exodus is concerned about people’s liberty. The Hebrew Bible stresses welcoming the stranger. Jesus crossed social boundaries all the time, by speaking to those considered unclean by the Jews. Of course, our political situation is different today, but the Pope is trying to say the Biblical truths should still be upheld, especially by those who call themselves Christian.

February 19th, 2016 at 12:56 pm

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