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There are five churches in Waterloo (one just outside). The pastors of these different churches have a good working relationship during the Good Friday Community Service. Each church has its own emphasis, its own style, and its own traditions. And there are areas where we flat out disagree on some aspects of interpreting the scripture. And none of us will back down on those distinctives. But, for harmony’s sake, we do not take issue on those, but focus upon what we have in common.

Over the years, I’ve had opportunity to work with stubborn spiritual leaders who demanded their way like a spoiled brat. They were no fun to work with. And those who were charismatic were some of the worst, because they hid their selfishness behind spiritual garb. But, I love working with others who try to work together toward an end that glorifies Jesus.

And that’s how it should be in the Lord’s church. We should look for opportunities to set our own goals aside and adopt Jesus’ goals. We must unload our selves and take Jesus’ burden upon our shoulders. And that happens in companionship.

Paul taught us, “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus” (Romans 15:5).

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