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Anita and I went to the county fair Wednesday night. We prayed before we arrived that God would guide our steps and allow us to connect with people by divine appointment, and we believe He did that. We were able to encourage a few folks that we hadn’t seen in awhile. We met one gal who was in our youth ministry back in the 1970s. Today she’s a grandma. How old does that make us?

While there we treated ourselves to some things we try to avoid: Anita had a fair donut and caramel corn, and I had an apple dumpling. There’s a price we’ll pay for that indulgence.

Anita and I will be returning to watch the big parade on Saturday morning with our granddaughters. On that trip, they will be our priority, not ministering to others. What kind of divine appointment was arranged for you at the fair this year?


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Taking our grandsons to the fair required the wrist band and I noticed the gal behind the glass was not happy, maybe in pain. When she was placing the wrist band on I asked her name. “Amber,” she said. I prayed out loud through the hole in the glass, “Lord, touch Amber and bring healing to her body, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!” We walked away. I glanced back over my should and saw she sat dumbfounded. My grandson said, “Papa, why did you do that?” I told him it was obvious to me she was in pain and I believed I should pray for her. God, I believe, touched Amber and used the experience to teach my grandson a valuable Christian lesson.

September 27th, 2013 at 9:09 am

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