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Missionaries to China in the last part of the 1900’s began to push into the unexplored interior of that great land. They found a community where the main crop was potatoes. They had a good climate and good soil, but their harvest was always little tiny potatoes, about the size of marbles. The natives said that big potatoes just did not grow there.

The newcomers said that surely some big potatoes grew there. “Oh, yes, we do get a few now and then,” they admitted. “What do you do with them?” “Well,” the local farmers answered, “We eat them, of course. The big ones are the best.” They were planting the runts. They were planting the potatoes that had the genes that produced ever smaller crops.

They were systematically reducing their crop as they took the biggest and best for themselves. The missionaries showed them that only when you plant the big ones – the best you have – will you get bigger ones in return.

How do you think that lesson applies to us and our giving to God?

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