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I took a couple of days off from this blog to get caught up on some other things. Now back to the work at hand.

The Holy Spirit is the forgotten (or ignored) part of the Trinity. God is a three-part Being: Father, Son, and Spirit. The Father is the Creator, the Son is the Redeemer, and the Spirit is the Sanctifier (another form of the word Holy). All three were involved in the creation of the world and man.

Today the Son (Jesus) sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. The Son is the part of God that relates to us today. So, if we ignore the Holy Spirit, or minimize His role in our lives, we are thus minimizing or ignoring God in our lives. The Holy Spirit guides and directs, but only as we seek Him. As we’ve discovered in the scriptures, God loves to hide and encourages us to seek Him out. “Seek and you shall find,” Jesus taught His disciples.

As we seek for God, by searching His Word, prayer (both talking and listening), and meditation, the Spirit of God speaks to our human spirit the steps we need to take. This is what being led of the Spirit is.

We can expect God to lead us as we seek Him. Have you seen this work in your life? Tell us about it.


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