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Another interesting observation from our trip to Arizona, was when Anita and I had to go through security at the Dallas Airport Tuesday morning. The first guy at security asked for our IDs. I showed him my driver’s license and he compared it with me and commented, “You’ve lost some weight.” Then he looked at Anita’s and said, “You’ve lost weight, too.”

I got held up going through security. The guard didn’t like my C-Pap (sleep) machine in the bag. When he took me aside, I said, “I don’t have to unpack all that do I?” He replied, “Nope. Now its my turn.” And he proceeded to pull everything out of my bag.

By the time we got all that straightened out, I noticed Anita was having a nice chat with the security officer who had noticed we had lost weight. It seems he and his wife were having health issues and he was very interested in knowing how we did it.

It seems that God has neat ways of connecting us with the people He wants us to disciple, even if its only for a short bit of time.

How has God connected you with someone coincidentally that was an opportunity for you to speak into their lives?


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Facebook is turning out to be quite a tool. I post Words from God and have been receiving some pretty surprising comments and feedback from people. It is also a great tool to help get acquainted with ‘new’ friends. Praise Him! He keeps me singing!

March 23rd, 2012 at 9:20 am

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