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I have a couple of favorite coffee cups I use periodically. The cup on my desk has Open Door Ministries’ logo on the front and ‘Pastor Ralph’ printed on it. The cup on my desk at home has my unit insignia from my days in the army: ‘507th US Army Security Agency’ and my name ‘Ralph O. Diehl’ printed on it. But my favorite and most used coffee cup has a photo of the Three Stooges on it and no name. I love the Three Stooges because they represent to me the sinful world we live in.

These guys were masters of destruction, which is exactly what sin does in our lives. The damage they did to each other and those they encountered is humorous. But when that damage is real instead of pretend, its scarey. I’ve watched people do some of the stupidest and damaging things and think they were right. So, why do it keep it around? That’s what I once was. It reminds me of His grace.

Tell me about your favorite coffee cup and why.

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