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Back in the early 1990s our church was packed in two worship services, landlocked with no parking, and making plans to build. We had obtained the present site but had exhausted our building fund to do so. We needed to progress with building plans but did not have enough money. To progress meant that we had to go into considerable debt with the local bank. Some were ready to trust God, others thought we should not begin until we had the money raised. They had an ongoing debt with their personal home, but thought it was scriptural for the church to do so (double standard). We had a dilemma.

So I did my best at envisioning the church to trust God. When we took the official approval vote, it was 146-3 in favor. The three were all older retired members who had earlier sacrificed deeply to pay for the previous building. They didn’t want to get stuck paying for this new one. Those three each made a significant faith pledge on the new project, however.

It amazed everyone what happened immediately when we finished the construction. Attendance doubled almost immediately. Our offerings increased with the attendance and we had the debt retired in just a couple of years. We learned that when God’s people take a leap of faith, God is there to catch us. And I don’t think God has changed. Trust Him in your crisis and take that leap of faith.

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