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Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day we recognize Christ’s death on the cross. Don’t forget about the Good Friday Community Service, hosted at New Hope, from 7-8PM. Pastor David Mathews, of the United Methodist Church, will be speaking.

What do you think about death? Do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing? No one knows for sure what Benjamin Franklin believed about life after death. He remained conspicuously silent about it, except for what he wrote in his own epitaph:

The Body of
B. Franklin, printer,
(like the cover of an old book,
its contents torn out and stripped of its lettering and gilding)
lies here, food for worms.
But the work shall not be lost;
for it will (as he believed)
appear once more,
in a new and more elegant edition,
revised and corrected
by the Author.

This epitaph confirms Paul’s statement in Philippians 3:20-21 that the risen Lord will transform our corruptible bodies, making them like His own glorious body. What will your epitaph say about your hope?

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