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A boy was playing with his pet turtle when all at once the turtle turned blue, fell over on his back and lay motionless. Upset, the boy ran in to tell his father. The father, an award-winning salesman, sized up the situation, put the turtle in a little box, and proceeded to share his faith with his son. He told of the joys of eternal life and the beauty of surrounding the heavenly throne in his most convincing sales manner. He also told about the marvelous wake that they would hold for the late departed turtle, and that the boy could invite his friends over for ice cream and cake.

During the talk the boy gradually brightened up. Seeing this, the father decided to close by inviting the boy out to bury the turtle. When they arrived outside and opened the box there was the turtle walking around as if nothing had happened.

With a cheery glow on his face, the boy looked up at his father and said, “Dad, let’s kill him!”

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