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Three turtles went on a Sunday afternoon picnic. One carried the basket of food, one carried a jug of turtle-ade, and the third turtle didn’t carry anything. They got everything set up and then felt raindrops. The two turtles agreed that the one who carried nothing should go back and get the umbrella.

The third turtle said, “No, because you’ll eat all the turtle food and drink all the turtle-ade, and I won’t have any.” Finally he agreed to go back for the umbrella. One hour, two hours, three hours went by, and then one day, one week, and two weeks passed. One of rthe turtles said, “Well, I guess we can eat the turtle food and drink the turtle-ade because he’s not coming back.” Then they heard something over in the bushes say, “If you do, I won’t go.”

Some of us are like the third turtle. We’re afraid that if we jump out there and do something, we might miss the picnic. The truth is, we’ll miss the picnic by not trusting God and doing our part.

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