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Anita and I decided we wanted our honeymoon to be a trip to Canada. Her car was newer than mine, so we took hers and drove off. She let me determine the route, so off we went toward Detroit, Michigan. As we neared Detroit, it was already later than we planned, so we decided to spend our honeymoon night in a motel. We stopped at a convenient one and were told there was no room in the Inn. We stopped at several more and were told there was a special flower celebration on and we probably would have to drive another 100 miles to find a motel room.

It was midnight by then and we decided to head back the other direction and keep looking (worst case scenario was we had a bed waiting for us back in Indiana). We stopped every now and then and got the same closed door. Finally, about 2:00 AM, in Angola, we found a vacancy sign and spent the night.

I learned a valuable lesson about calling ahead for a reservation. That is somewhat similar to gaining admission into heaven. You may have a plan in your head that you’re going there, but no reservation. No one gets into heaven without a reservation. Jesus came to this earth to help us call for a reservation. Better make that call before its too late.

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