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This weekend Jim Otis shared the message on Sweet Water. God has a way of turning bad, bitter experiences into fresh sweet ones. We just have to seek Him out and He will show us how to turn all our negatives around. That’s the spirit of resurrection working in us. First comes a death, then a resurrection. There can be no resurrection unless there is first a death.

I’m interested in your comments and feedback to this weekend’s worship service. What did you like and what did you not?

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Tara Lilly

I really liked it and thought Jim was on target. I love his style (and him!) and always come away having laughed, yet learned. It was a good message–sometimes it seems like we don’t tell the truth about this walk, as if it will be an easy life because we’re Christians. I appreciate the reminder that my trials are about God’s long-term vision for me and the person He wants me to become.

November 1st, 2010 at 1:08 am

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