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Several years ago I transplanted a first year sapling hickory tree from the woods behind my house to our property. I’ve got little growth on it because deer keep biting the top off, or it dries up in dry weather, etc. So, this year I have it shielded in a 6″ corrugated tile and have treated it with liquid fertilizer weekly.

A couple of weeks ago I checked on it and noticed that it had begun to grow, but the leaves had dried up. I got discouraged and gave up on the tree. I quit watering it and fertilizing it, and stopped checking on it.

I peeked down in the tube later, and lo and behold, that thing has sprung to life and has grown a foot! I’m really pleased to see such progress. What made the difference? All I can figure is I left it alone.

Although we need to stay involved in other Christian’s lives, sometimes the best medicine is to leave them alone to fix their own problems. God will teach them just as He has taught us. If we get out of the way. What’s that old saying? ‘Let go and let God.’

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