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A newspaper reported an unusual incident at a fast-food restaurant. The manager had put the day’s cash in a paper bag for deposit that night, but an attendant mistook it for an order and gave it to a couple at the drive-through window.

A short time later, when the man and woman opened the bag in a nearby park, they were shocked by its contents. They immediately drove back to return it.

The manager had already reported a robbery, so police cars and a TV crew were on the scene. How relieved he was to get the money back! He said to the couple, “You should be featured on the evening news for your honesty.”

“Oh, please, no publicity!” replied the man nervously. “She’s not my wife.”

People sometimes have a warped sense of integrity. This couple wanted to do the right thing on one hand, but were doing the wrong thing with the other.  What do you think makes people have such a double standard?

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Rene' Bute

Sometimes it is easier to do the right thing than other times. If it is easy, we are more likely to do it.
Also, as in this story, I believe that people still ‘rank’ sins as to their severity, and can justify doing right here and not there due to how they view their sin.

March 4th, 2010 at 6:48 am

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